Business to Ideas (B2Ideas) aims to improve the interactions between the professional sphere and the creative potential of higher education. Students from "grandes ├ęcoles" and universities supervised by teachers, in France and abroad, are competing to meet the needs of companies, administrations, associations or similar, researchers or individuals.

Professionals who post the challenges rate the participants. Students benefit from a "professional" assessment, complementary to the standard academic evaluation.

Professionals also benefit from "bonuses" in the form of free surveys and access to student profiles to recruit them.

The B2Ideas formula is simple because only a few clicks are needed to post an offer. It is also creative value and inexpensive: the student network allows creating multidisciplinary teams, national or international. The supervision of teachers provides a guarantee of seriousness. The rewards are free: internship or employment proposals, payment in kind or monetary, payment of a part of the apprenticeship tax, quotation of the winners in the acknowledgments or as co-authors for the research projects...

This formula is also socially responsible: B2Ideas is a useful formula for students that brings them closer to the professional world, while ensuring equal opportunities and fighting against discrimination through anonymous applications. B2Ideas is therefore a vector of positive communication for the professional sphere.

The possible applications are potentially infinite:

You are a company or an institution and you need to recruit directly operational profiles? You can test the skills of students and view the profiles and ratings assigned by professionals.

Looking for an innovative application or answer to a specific question? You can post a challenge and choose the teams.

You are a researcher and you need an assistant or a co-author? The competition of several teams and the possibility of cross-checking results is a guarantee for quality.

Want to check an article, an advertisement or test a program? You can post a "hunting for bugs" or a "hunting for risk" or check that your article is reproducible according to the standards of the research, before submission in a review.

You are a writer and want to benefit from a proofreading or even a rewrite of your book or you want to write or improve a speech? You can interact with humanities and arts students to ask them for a critical reading, to serve as an "airlock" before submission to a publisher or before diffusion of the speech.

Believing in student potential, B2Ideas has entrusted the development of its site to a team of students supervised by professionals, as part of the Microsoft Innovation Center in Mons, Belgium.

The B2ideas website has recently changed, you can now give us a heads up at the address: info@b2ideas.eu